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Oxbox for Property Managers

Rugged HVAC that keeps your residents comfortable and minimizes down calls.

As a property manager or owner, you make every effort to keep your vacancy rates low and resident satisfaction high—while staying within your budget.

Endorsed by Trane,® the most trusted brand of HVAC,* Oxbox offers dependable heating and cooling systems that help you maintain that balance.

Whether you’re managing single-family rental homes, multifamily properties, vacation properties, or condominiums—and whatever your region’s minimum efficiency standards—there’s an Oxbox system that can handle the job.

How Can Oxbox Make Life EAsier For You?

Reliability:Oxbox delivers rugged construction and reliability that will keep your residents comfortable and happy by minimizing down calls, repairs, and maintenance.

Warranty:We’re standing behind this product in a way you haven’t seen before from other manufacturers. Our no-registration warranty offers generous coverage for replacements, parts, and compressors—providing confidence for you and comfort for your residents.

Value:Our no-frills designs give you the technology you need without the upgrades you don’t, making it a snap to stay within your budget guidelines.

Dependability:It’s easy to find parts—as well as technicians who can install and service your units.

When you’ve installed Oxbox…you can focus on the tasks that are most important to your day-to-day operations.

Find Out MOre About the Benefits of Oxbox

To find a local dealer or distributor—and learn more about the advantages of Oxbox—give our customer service representatives a call at 844-OXBOX23 (844-692-6923) or fill out the adjacent form.


*Trane® was named America’s Most Trusted HVAC Brand by Lifestory Research, a national research firm, based on a 2019 study of 11,000 consumers actively shopping or considering a products as compared with peer organizations of like size and complexity.

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