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OxBox for Contractors

Sturdy HVAC systems that won’t let your customers down—at a price that makes everyone happy.

Beef up your HVAC business by offering Oxbox, a brand endorsed by Trane.® The design, technology and equipment inside each Oxbox has been proven in the field for years, with low warranty issues.

The result? You can recommend it to your customers with the confidence you’re offering a proven product that’s backed by Trane—and that will live up to your expectations and theirs. It’s an ideal solution for value-oriented homeowners, property managers, developers, and homebuilders.

What makes Oxbox Different?

Flexibility:Oxbox’s rugged, no-frills HVAC solution fits right into your good/better/best strategy—a new option to reach key markets.

Value:Price points that allow you to control or reduce costs, increase sales, and maintain a competitive edge.

Durability:Sturdy construction includes high-efficiency compressors, fully insulated and weather-proof cabinets, and safety features to protect the internal equipment.

Warranty:In addition, Trane stands behind this product in a way you haven’t seen before with our innovative 1-5-7 no-registration warranty. (Click here for details.)

Dependability:Our parts are easy to find, and the units are simple to install and service.

Oxbox delivers quality, reliability, and ease of getting parts—at a price point that’s perfect for your cost-conscious customers.

To view the full line of Oxbox equipment, click here.

I Want to sell Oxbox!

To learn more about the benefits of adding Oxbox HVAC equipment and service to your lines, please complete the adjacent form. A representative will reach out to answer your questions from Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

affordable consumer financing

RedBrick Financial is committed to helping you grow your business and integrating financing into your sales and marketing programs. Application processing, training and the servicing of the Home Improvement contractor is the core of our business.

RedBrick Financial Program Highlights

  • Zero or low-cost dealer fee plans
  • Full suite of products – Monthly Payment Plans, 0% Plans and Deferral Options
  • User-friendly application tools including our Dealer central app
  • A Good, Better, Best calculator that helps raise your average ticket with customers
  • Fully paperless process for seamless transactions
  • Dealer success tools to maximize each sales call
  • Warm, decisioned leads delivered right to your inbox with our Weblink tool

Get Started with RedBrick

Oxbox contractors can complete the RedBrick Financial application to sign up, or email success@redbrickfinancial.com for more information.

Trane and Oxbox are trademarks of Trane in the United States and other countries.

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